New Year New Credit

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here’s some GOOD CREDIT SCORE TIPS: 📉📈📊💯

Payment History

#PaymentHistory is 35% of your credit score.
Keep your payments UP TO DATE. Try to avoid making payments later than 30/60 days.

Credit Utilization

#CreditUtilization is 30% of your credit score. for BEST results, keep your utilization under 7% and pay all payments in full by due date.

Age Of Credit

#AgeOfCredit is 15% of your credit score. The longer your accounts are open, the better.
On average, accounts opened 2 years or more, are better established.

Credit Inquiries

#CreditInquiries is 10% of your credit score.
Limit your inquiries to 5-7 a year.

Credit Mix

#CreditMix is 10% of your credit. You want to diversify your report with positive installments.
I recommend these accounts to give you a credit boost, help you build positive payment history and credit age.

Dispute Errors

Most collections stay on your report for more than 7 years! to avoid future risks, avoid defaulting on payments. 

DEROGATORY MARKS will hurt your score. 

• Dispute any incorrect information on your report. 

MOST ALL BE PATIENT! CREDIT repair is a journey, not a marathon 🏁💙✨

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